Nissan Qashqai SPECS 2021

Nissan Qashqai SPECS 2021

The Nissan Qashqai is a popular compact SUV that has been in production since 2006. It is also marketed as the Nissan Dualis in certain regions. The Qashqai was created and engineered in Europe and produced in the UK.

The Nissan Qashqai is a versatile and dynamic vehicle that offers a range of choices to suit every driver’s needs. With its wide selection of engines, including gasoline and diesel options, you can choose the one that suits your driving style and preferences. Whether you prefer a powerful and fast engine for racing down the highway or a more economical and fuel-efficient one for your daily commute, the Qashqai has got you covered.In addition to its range of engines, the Qashqai offers a choice of either front-wheel drive (FWD) or all-wheel drive (AWD) systems, thereby providing you with the flexibility to choose the one that best suits your driving needs and conditions. Whether you prefer the agile and sporty handling of FWD or the added stability and traction of AWD, you can find the perfect configuration for your driving style.Furthermore, the Qashqai comes equipped with a range of advanced safety features that ensure you and your passengers are protected at all times. These include automatic emergency braking, which can detect and respond to potential collisions before they happen, lane departure warning, which alerts you if you’re drifting out of your lane, and blind spot monitoring, which provides a visual and audible warning if there’s a vehicle in your blind spot.In summary, the Nissan Qashqai is a versatile and capable vehicle that offers a range of options to suit every driver’s needs. With its selection of engines and drivetrains, as well as its advanced safety features, the Qashqai is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, safe, and fun-to-drive crossover SUV.

The Qashqai has received high praise for its practicality and versatility, as well as for its comfortable and refined driving experience. Its interior is spacious and well-designed, with plenty of storage space and a user-friendly infotainment system.

The Nissan Qashqai is a compact crossover SUV that has been in production since 2006. Below are some general specifications for the 2021 model:

  • Engine: 1.3L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine
  • Horsepower: 138 hp or 156 hp (depending on the trim)
  • Torque: 177 lb-ft
  • Transmission: Xtronic continuously variable transmission (CVT) with manual shift mode
  • Front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive (depending on the trim)
  • Fuel efficiency (city/highway/combined):
    • FWD: 8.1/6.7/7.5 L/100km
    • AWD: 8.5/7.2/7.9 L/100km
  • Length: 4,394 mm
  • Width: 1,806 mm
  • Height: 1,615 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,646 mm
  • Ground clearance: 196 mm
  • Cargo capacity: 430 L (with rear seats up) or 1,598 L (with rear seats folded down)
  • Seating capacity: 5
  • Maximum towing capacity: 680 kg

Note that these specifications may vary slightly depending on the specific trim level and year of the Qashqai.



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