opel owners manual


OPEL CORSA 2013 Owner’s Manual

Using this manual

■ This manual describes all options and features available for this model. Certain descriptions, including those for display and menu functions, may not apply to your vehicle due to model variant, country specifications, special equipment, or accessories.

■ The “In brief” section will give you an initial overview.

■ The table of contents at the beginning of this manual and within each section shows where the information is located. ■ The index will enable you to search for specific information. ■ This Owner’s Manual depicts lefthand drive vehicles. Operation is similar for right-hand drive vehicles.

■ The Owner’s Manual uses the factory engine designations. The corresponding sales designations can be found in the section “Technical data”.

■ Directional data e.g. left or right, or front or back, always relate to the direction of travel.

■ The vehicle display screens may not support your specific language.

■ In this manual, all display messages and interior labelings are written in bold type.