Audi Q8 Brake System 2018


Audi Q8 Brake System 2018

  1. Front speed sensor
  2. Hydraulic control unit
  3. Brake pedal position sender
  4. Vacuum sender
  5. Center switch module in the dash panel
  6. Electromechanical parking brake button
  7. Roof carrier detection sensor
  8. Brake pad wear sender
  9. Rear speed sensor
  10. Dash panel insert with control unit in dash panel insert
  11. Brake light switch


Checking ABS ring sensor

A – ABS ring sensor is OK

B – ABS ring sensor is defective


1 – Wheel bearing unit

2 – Seal with integrated ABS sensor ring.

Check with sensor gauge T10473







Parking brake

  1. Rear brake caliper
  2. Seal
  3. Bolt  (Self locking renew after removing)
  4. Electromichanical  parking brake motor
  5. ABS control unit
  6. Electromichanical  parking button
  7. Dash panel insert







Audi mechanic

Audi owners manual


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