Hummer H3 repair manual

Hummer H3 repair manual

The Hummer H3 is a midsize SUV that was produced by General Motors under the Hummer brand. It was introduced as a smaller and more accessible model compared to the larger H1 and H2. Here are key details about the Hummer H3:

1. Production Years:

  • The Hummer H3 was produced from 2005 to 2010.

2. Design:

  • The H3 featured a distinctive and rugged design, inheriting some design elements from its larger siblings, the H1 and H2.
  • It was available in a variety of exterior colors, and some models featured off-road-oriented accessories.

3. Platform:

  • The H3 was built on a modified GMT355 platform shared with other General Motors midsize trucks and SUVs.

4. Powertrain Options:

  • The H3 was offered with various powertrains over its production years.
  • Engine options included a 3.5-liter inline-5 cylinder engine and later a 3.7-liter inline-5.
  • Transmission options included a 5-speed manual and a 4-speed automatic.

5. Four-Wheel Drive:

  • The Hummer H3 was known for its off-road capabilities, and most models were equipped with a four-wheel-drive system.
  • Some versions featured an Adventure Package or Alpha trim with enhanced off-road features.

6. Interior Features:

  • The interior of the H3 featured a design consistent with its rugged exterior.
  • Depending on the trim level, it could include features like power-adjustable seats, navigation systems, and premium audio.

7. Trim Levels:

  • The H3 was available in various trim levels, including the base model, Adventure, Luxury, and the higher-performance H3 Alpha.

8. Discontinuation:

  • Production of the Hummer H3 was discontinued in 2010 as a result of the economic challenges faced by the Hummer brand and General Motors during that time.

9. Legacy:

  • The Hummer H3 has left a lasting impact as a more accessible and compact alternative within the Hummer lineup.
  • It remains popular among off-road enthusiasts, and well-maintained H3s are still sought after on the used car market.

Please note that specific features, trim levels, and availability can vary based on the model year and market. For the most accurate and detailed information about a specific Hummer H3 model, it’s recommended to consult the owner’s manual or contact a Hummer dealership.

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