Nissan Cube Repair Manual 2009

Nissan Cube repair manual

The Nissan Cube is a compact, boxy-styled vehicle that has gained popularity for its unique design and practical interior space. The 2009 Nissan Cube is part of the first generation of the Cube model that was produced from 2008 to 2014. Here are some key features and specifications for the 2009 Nissan Cube:

  1. Design:
  • The 2009 Nissan Cube is known for its distinctive, asymmetrical and boxy design, featuring a rounded roofline and a large rear window.
  • The rear side-hinged door (known as the “Magic Rear Door”) provides easy access to the cargo area.
  1. Engine:
  • The 2009 Cube was typically equipped with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine.
  • The engine was paired with either a continuously variable transmission (CVT) or a 6-speed manual transmission, depending on the trim level.
  1. Interior:
  • The Cube’s interior design emphasized functionality and versatility. It featured a spacious and flexible cabin with room for five passengers.
  • The asymmetrical dashboard design was aimed at providing a user-friendly layout.
  1. Features:
  • Standard features included air conditioning, power windows, power door locks, keyless entry, and an audio system.
  • Higher trim levels or optional packages might have included additional features such as a navigation system, upgraded audio, and more.
  1. Safety:
  • Safety features on the 2009 Cube typically included antilock brakes, traction control, stability control, and multiple airbags.
  1. Fuel Efficiency:
  • The Cube was designed with fuel efficiency in mind, making it a practical choice for urban commuting.
  1. Trim Levels:
  • The 2009 Cube was available in different trim levels, and the features could vary depending on the chosen trim.
  1. Updates:
  • The Cube received a facelift for the 2009 model year, featuring updated exterior styling and interior improvements.

It’s worth noting that details such as available features and specific specifications can vary based on the trim level and optional packages chosen. For the most accurate and detailed information about the 2009 Nissan Cube, including any updates or recalls that may have occurred since my last knowledge update in January 2022, it’s recommended to check with Nissan’s official resources or consult the owner’s manual.

Nissan Cube workshop manual 2009

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