Volvo 940 Repair Manual

Volvo 940 Repair Manual

The Volvo 940 is a model that was part of Volvo’s 900 series, which was produced from 1990 to 1998. The 940 was introduced as an updated version of the Volvo 740 and was available in sedan and wagon (estate) body styles. It was known for its solid build quality, safety features, and boxy design—a characteristic of many Volvo cars from that era.

Here are some key features and aspects of the Volvo 940:

  1. Engine Options: The Volvo 940 came with a variety of engine options, including both gasoline and diesel engines. The most common gasoline engines were four-cylinder and six-cylinder options.
  2. Safety Features: Volvo has always been a leader in automotive safety, and the 940 was no exception. It featured a robust safety cage, front airbags, anti-lock brakes, and other safety innovations for its time.
  3. Boxy Design: The 940 had the distinctive boxy design that was characteristic of Volvo cars during that era. This design was not only a stylistic choice but also contributed to the car’s spacious interior.
  4. Interior Comfort: The interior of the Volvo 940 was designed with comfort in mind. It had supportive seats and a well-organized dashboard. Some models featured power-adjustable seats and other luxury features.
  5. Rear-Wheel Drive: The 940 was a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, which contributed to its handling characteristics.
  6. Transmission Options: Transmission options included manual and automatic transmissions, providing drivers with flexibility according to their preferences.
  7. Long Production Run: The 900 series, including the 940, had a relatively long production run, which speaks to its popularity and reliability. The model underwent various updates and changes over the years.
  8. Legacy: The Volvo 940, like many other Volvo models, has developed a following among enthusiasts who appreciate its durability, safety features, and classic Volvo design.

It’s worth noting that as a model that was produced in the 1990s, finding a Volvo 940 today might require looking in the used car market. Keep in mind that the condition of individual vehicles can vary widely, so it’s a good idea to have any used car thoroughly inspected before purchasing.

Volvo 940 Workshop Manual

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