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The Tata Nano was a compact city car produced by the Indian automaker Tata Motors. It was introduced as the world’s cheapest car at the time of its launch, with the goal of providing an affordable and accessible transportation option for people in India and other emerging markets. Here are key details about the Tata Nano:


  1. Launch and Price:
    • The Tata Nano was officially launched in 2008.
    • It gained significant attention for its low price tag, designed to make car ownership more achievable for a wider population.
  2. Design and Dimensions:
    • The Nano had a unique and compact design, emphasizing simplicity and functionality.
    • It was known for its small dimensions, making it well-suited for crowded urban environments.
  3. Engine and Performance:
    • The Nano was powered by a small, rear-mounted, 0.6-liter, two-cylinder engine.
    • The engine was positioned at the rear of the car, and it delivered modest performance suitable for city driving.
  4. Transmission:
  5. Interior and Features:
    • The interior was designed to maximize space and comfort within the compact size.
    • Given its affordability, the Nano focused on providing basic features for practical transportation.
  6. Updates and Variants:
    • Over the years, Tata Motors introduced different variants and updates to the Nano to enhance its appeal and address various market demands.


Despite its initial attention and innovative approach to affordable transportation, the Tata Nano faced challenges, including safety concerns, market perceptions, and changes in consumer preferences. Production of the Nano was officially discontinued in 2018.

While the Nano’s production has ceased, its introduction marked a notable attempt to address the needs of a specific market segment, and it remains a part of automotive history for its unique position as an ultra-affordable car.

TATA Nano user manual

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